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I remember when I was in primary school, my Social Science teacher used to tell us interesting anecdotes. He once mentioned there was a popular saying, ‘No News is Good News’.

Well, it makes sense every time I watch the News on TV, or read a newspaper, they tell so many bad news! My mood is rarely better after watching or reading them. Many bad things happen in the world, indeed.

However, there are so many other good news happening every day! I wonder why we do not get to know most of them.

That is how the idea of this online newspaper came up. Do not take me wrong, you are free to keep getting informed by the media you wish. Now, if you are looking for just good news, this portal is for you. We aim to publish news that prove that the human kind is doing amazing things every single day, that we all have the potential to be great, to reach challenging goals, to live in a World to be proud of.

Because ‘Good News is Good News’

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This website has many contributors to publish good news.

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The website has a control panel (backend) programmed from the scratch using an MVC framework.

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Daniel Ray, Mathilde Prévost & Louis Hans